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more down under.


Welcome to my online portfolio, I am Ruben Van Den Bossche, a 'spatial designer'. I have a background in studying communication design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and interior design at the Royal College of Art. I furthermore possess experience in the fashion show production industry. 


I like to challenge myself in life, as well as in my projects by harnessing my passion for light design, fashion and brutalism architecture. I thrive on creating new spaces: these can be as simple as a corner of a street to an entire building. Every space creates a new challenge, a new story and a new experience to be designed, with a focus on immaculate details to stimulate our senses and deliver an unforgettable memory.


Below is an overview of my latest projects. More information about myself may be found throughout my website.

January 2016


June 2016


2016 - present


September 2017


February 2015


June 2013


The Complexity
of a Lightbulb 

December 2013


December 2013


2012 to 2016


Ruben Van Den Bossche 
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