There is a fine line between imitating or being inspired by a design. It is a highly debated topic in the design world, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. When a design is being imitated or used as a source of inspiration, this can bring a great amount of attention to the designer. These factors may increase the value of the design work, possibly leading to an iconic piece over time.


Therefore, we should embrace being inspired and integrate transparency to this process. Achieving this by having a curated selection of prominent ‘inspired’ designs available in this store. Revealing the history of the original product in the form of a timeline; starting with the original design and 

ending with the latest inspired products.


This winter season (fall/ winter 2013), the original featured product is the China plaid polyester bag. This bag is traditionally used by Chinese mine workers as a travel bag, but can now be spotted on the arms of many fashionistas.

visuals, diagrams and images own creation l graduation project BA Design Academy Eindhoven

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