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2012 to 2016

Communication Design.


On the occasion of a new office building for Liebrecht & Wood and Caroline Braems architect, I was asked to design the invitations and signs for a tour in the building. I decided to use the building as my main source of inspiration for the design, with a touch of the companies identities. Resulting in an invitation that has three different feelings in one, with the Huis van Waes-building being the main focus. Inspired by the characteristics of the building I used square elements, the colors; black/white/grey and a abstract sense of style.

design and realization from 1st meeting to print l rubenvdb

VISUAL three
VISUAL seven
VISUAL eight


When a baby is born there is always a lot of speculation and attention to what his or her name will be. It is the main focus point on a birth card, therefore I wanted to create a card that builds up some more anticipation towards the name. 


After trying out several printing methods, the scratching one was the winner. This was the best technique because it doesn’t only hide the name but also makes it interactive and fun. It reminds people of the scratching cards from the lottery and creates excitement to finding out the what’s beneath it.

design and realization from 1st meeting to print l rubenvdb


I wanted to create a 2D font that could be visualized in 3D.  I started out creating a library full of dreamy images, very quickly resulting in imagery that is about being free/ floating. Therefore I focused on creating a font with the characteristic of having uncontrolled edges that would result in a fluent and light typeface that brings u to dream or float. Escape in a way from reality for a little, let go of our surrounding boundaries. To have this concept realised, I had to experiment a lot with all sorts of materials to achieve this feeling. Going from smoke and light to finally ending up with water and inkt. After several days of experimenting, a new typeface was born. The dreamfont, a font to let go of boundaries.

personal project l BA Design Academy Eindhoven

DREAMFONT thirteen
DREAMFONT fourteen
DREAMFONT seventeen
DREAMFONT eighteen


After having an extensive research on the continent Africa I noticed that I was getting two very different views of Africa. One that was very positive, promoting the nature and culture. This information came mainly from travel agencies, blogs and TV-shows. The second view on Africa was negative, talking about violence and hunger. This negative view was mainly generated from newspapers and website’s.


These two views I wanted to bring together. To generate awareness to the contradiction there is in this world about Africa and how the western world looks towards Africa. Having such two completely different and outspoken views while its one continent.


This resulted into a series of posters that changes from view depending on your position. Meaning: are you having a negative or a positive look towards Africa? 

Or a mixture of both? Or none of both?


Every poster has a title that consists out of two words; one word from the positive view on Africa and one of the negative view towards Africa (both words take from 

the original media representing that view).

personal project l BA Design Academy Eindhoven


Cleopatra, Andy Warhol & Coco Chanel. What brings those icons together?


They have more in common then you would at first sight expect. Cleopatra has become an icon long after she died. Especially in the past two centuries when people as William Shakespeare started to write about her and later on directors created movies of her life.  Andy Warhol started a new art movement and surrounded himself with very important people turning him into one himself. Once he died his art and life continued to inspire people and several movies of him have been made since. 


Coco Chanel also started a new movement, though in fashion. Her style still lives on till today and several movies of her life have been made, trying to let us experience her lifestyle.


That is what I want to bring in this publication (and timeline), an experience of their lives as being an icon! Using the structure and iconic elements they possess, that I discovered during an intensive research of their lives. Important aspects are their very unique and distinguished styles, their attitude towards the public or themselves and how their surrounding influence’s them or make them even more iconic.

personal project l BA Design Academy Eindhoven


The goal for this model was to create 4 floors and have 30% private, 30% shared and 30% public space. The main structure of the building is based on a cube and its frame. I used this structure of square’s to determine what space would become private, shared or public.


The bottom floor is mainly public, the more you go up; the more it becomes private. To create a connection between all the floors and different spaces I created an ‘empty’ area in the middle of the building. This way the building is open and communicate with every single part of the building (and create some surveillance between public and private spaces). It allows natural light and air to come in, it create’s places where there is a fine line between being inside or outside. The house is designed for a couple who are designers and can sell their own designs at the store on the second level in their house.

summer course project l NABA MILANO

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