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December 2013

Story Shopping.


Because we like to buy promises!


When we are out shopping we are more likely to buy products based on the promise (story) around it. Which we know about by advertisement but also from personal memories, magazines, celebrities, trends and many more influencers. So The promise is becoming the most important reason when buying a product. Basically we are purchasing a story and we get the product as a bonus.


I want to bring awareness to this way of shopping, we are neglecting more and more the product and are wanting to have the promise around it. Therefore i created this new shopping experience!


I stripped away all the excess information and left over only the promises. You shop a promise, depending on what excites you the most, once you have purchased it, the product will be revealed.

visuals, diagrams and images own creation l graduation project BA Design Academy Eindhoven

Story Shopping ONE
Story Shopping TWO
Story Shopping THREE
Story Shopping FOUR
Story Shopping FIVE
Story Shopping SIX
Story Shopping SEVEN
Story Shopping EIGHT
Story Shopping NINE
Story Shopping TEN
Story Shopping ELEVEN
Story Shopping TWELVE
Story Shopping THIRTEEN

STORIES TO SHOP l merchandise for the vending machine

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