Create your own personal space by changing its environment through color and shape. You can adjust the light fixture to reflect your current mood, personality and past memories. Every spectrum of the rainbow may be chosen with subtle or big alterations to be made to the shape; ranging from closed, to open, or a more neutral mood.


There is a bottom light to provide you with a personal environment while the upper part reflects your current mood and interacts with the different personalities in the office through the ceiling.


This fixture is focused on having your own control and influence within a boring and dull office space at any time of the day. Meet the new ‘invisible yet personalized cubicle’!

visuals, diagrams and images own creation l two week project l MA Interior Design RCA

DETAIL SHOT LIGHT FIXTURE INSTALLATION l exhibition of project. London February 2015

VIDEO l installation of the light fixture at the RCA exhibition. February 2015

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